Fabricio "Bicudo" Medeiros

 near Vero Beach

Fabricio "Bicudo" Medeiros

  • Rank: Black Belt 4th Degree
  • Born: 1975 / Niteroin RJ, Brazil
  • Division: Light Featherweight
  • Affiliation: Renato Tavares BJJ
  • Location: Vero Beach.

Fabricio Medeiros, commonly known as Fabricio “Bicudo” is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Renato Tavares and former member of teams such as Associação Oriente, Carlson Gracie Academy, and Checkmat. Bicudo is also an accomplished athlete in other combat sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA) and freestyle wrestling. Fabricio currently leads RT Martial Arts Academy Port St. Lucie alongside fellow RT Black Belt Alessandro Guirado.

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