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Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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✅ Here is the option for a 1-year membership:

- 👉🏼 ONE YEAR - 12 months fee - 15%

Includes 1 Gi ($145), T-Shirts ($25), a hoodie ($40), and half-hour privates. With the added value of free products, you'll be saving over $480!

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✅ Here is the option for a 3-year membership:

- 👉🏼 THREE YEARS - 36 months - 30%

(you will save over $1600)

Includes 3 Gis ($435), 3 T-Shirts ($75), 2 hoodies ($80), and 3 half-hour privates ($225). With the added value of free products, you'll be enjoying savings of over $2000!


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